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행사명 ISMP(International Symposium on Microelectronics and Packaging(별도 이메일신청) 일시 2017-10-18 ~ 2017-10-19
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 Oct. 18, 2017(Wed.)

 Rm E1Rm E3Rm E4
Session chairTaek-Soo Kim (KAIST/Korea)Won Sik Hong (KETI/Korea)Sarah Eunkyung Kim (SNUT/Korea)
TopicSensorsAutomotive ElectronicsWearable and Stretchable Electronics
09:30-09:55(Invited) I1-1 In situ X-ray diffraction technique for materials characterization(Invited) I1-3 Evaluation of the galvanic corrosion behavior of Cu-Al intermetallic compounds in copper wire bonding(Invited) I1-5 Electrical reliability of flexible metal film during mechanical fatigue
Sungwook Mhin (KITECH/Korea)Omid Mokhtari (Joining and Welding Research Institute Osaka University/Japan)Byung Joon Kim (Andong National University/Korea)
09:55-10:20(Invited) I1-2  A Perspective on Heterogeneous Integrated Edge Devices for Internet of Things(Invited) I1-4 Low temperature sintering process of nano-silver particles paste for electronic packaging(Invited) I1-6 Stretchable and Conformable Electronics
G. P. Li (University of California, Irvine/USA)Mingyu Li (Harbin Institute of Technology/China)Christine Kallmayer (Fraunhofer iZM/Germany)
10:20-10:40O1-1  Spider Inspired Mechanical Crack Based Resistive Sensor; Advanced Sensitivity by Crack Depth and Durability by Self-Healing PolO1-3  High Reliability Power Package in Automotive RequirementO1-5  A Facile Lithographic Fabrication Process for Transparent, Flexible, and Stretchable Interconnections for Electronic Devices ba
Chanho Jeong (Sungkyunkwan University/Korea)ByongJin Kim (Amkor Technology Korea/Korea)Suck Won Hong (Pusan National University/Korea)
10:40-11:00O1-2  Study of the Ohmic contact formation of electrodes by Co Ion Implantation for a pressure sensor applicationO1-4  High reliability performance of Cu bonding wire for Automotive deviceO1-6  A facile and high efficient method to make Ag nanowire pattern and its applications
Sung-Kyu Kim (POSTECH/Korea)ByungHoon Jung (MK Electron Co., Ltd./Korea)Ming Yang (KITECH/Korea)
11:00-11:20Coffee break
11:20-11:30Opening Ceremony
Session chairA. N. Other
11:30-12:20Plenary Talk1 : Packaging Technology Trends Usher in a New Era for Integration / Byung Joon Han (Stats ChipPAC/Singapore)
Session chairA. N. Other
13:30-14:10Keynote Talk1 : Hurdles and Opportunities for Next Generation Packaging in Mobile & Wearable Systems / Michael Pena (Amkor Technology Korea/Korea)
14:10-14:50Keynote Talk2 : Bonding Cu Pillars by Using the Microfluidic ElectroLess Interconnection (MELI) Process / C. R. Kao (National Taiwan University/Taiwan)
14:50-15:30Keynote Talk3 :  TBA / (ASE/Taiwan)
15:30-15:50Coffee break
Session chairKangwook Lee (Amkor Technology Korea/Korea)Young-Bae Park (Andong National University/Korea)Dae-Ihl Kwon (UNIST/Korea)
TopicEmerging Electronic Package Quality, Modeling, SimulationElectronic Nanomaterials and Nanoprinting
15:50-16:15(Invited) I1-7  TBA(Invited) I1-9  Packaging Technologies for Harsh Environment(Invited) I1-11  Cu nanomaterials and their applications in microelectronics and packaging
Yasumitsu Orii (Nagase & Co., Ltd./Japan)Minwoo Rhee (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd./Korea)Yujie Li (Harbin Institute of Technology/China)
16:15-16:40(Invited) I1-8  TBA(Invited) I1-10 Wire Sweep Computational Modeling Evaluation During Transfer Mold Packaging Process(Invited) I1-12  Aerogel in electronics
Youngsuk Kim (Tokyo Institute of Technology/Japan)Eduardo Luis Rhod (UNISINOS/Brazil)Vinayak G. Parale (Rajarambapu Institute of Technology/India)
16:40-17:00O1-7  A wafer level vacuum package of low end micro-bolometer array applicationO1-9  Early Degradation Detection of the Insulation Resistance of MLCCs by the Pattern Analysis of Capacitance and Dissipation SignalsO1-11  Preparation and characterization of silver nanoparticles conductive inks for RFID applications
Taehyun Kim (National Nano Fab Center/Korea)Sujeong Baek (UNIST/Korea)Iara J. Fernandes (UNISINOS/Brazil)
17:00-17:20O1-8  In-situ Oxide based Aluminium Matrix Composites using SiO2 PrecursorO1-10  Investigation of temperature characteristics of CNT-based gas sensorsO1-12  Compositional design of high-k nanoparticles for tunable dielectric properties
Sri Harini Rajendran (University of Seoul/Korea)Hyeong-Sub Song (Chungnam National University/Korea)Wooje Han (Yonsei University/Korea)
17:20-18:10Poster Presentaion Session 1
 Oct. 19, 2017(Thu.)
 Rm E1Rm E3Rm E4
09:20 - 10:45Session7Session8Session9
Session chairJin Young Khim (Amkor Technology Korea/Korea)Sungdong Kim (Seoul National University of Science and Technology/Korea)Soong Ju Oh (Korea University/Korea)
TopicEmerging Interconnect TechnologyReliability for Electronic ComponentsElectronic Materials and Processing I
09:2009:40O2-1 Precise Control of Dissovable Capability via External Near-infrared in Bio-integrated Transient ElectronicsO2-4 The Electron Scattering at Surfaces and Grain Boundaries in Tungsten Thin FilmsO2-7 Effect of processing conditions on the microstructure and hardness of alumina coatings fabricated by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Kiyoon Kwon (Sungkyunkwan University) Dooho Choi (Dong-Eui University/Korea)Ashutosh Sharma (University of Seoul)
09:40-10:05(Invited) I2-1 Recent trends on nanojoining: methods, microstructure, properties and devices(Invited) I2-2 Reliability Design on Wearable Medical Device for Knee-Joint Disease(Invited) I2-3  TBA
Lei LIU (Tsinghua University/China)Hsiang-Chen Hsu (St. John University/Taiwan)Erik Jung (iZM/Germany)
10:05-10:25O2-2 Interconnection Technology for Coreless Substrate by Laser Assisted BondingO2-5 Analysis of Mechanical Deformation in Conductive Substrate under Cyclic RollingO2-8 Exploring Fluxing Capability of No-flow Underfill and Non-conductive Film
MinHo Kim (Amkor Technology Korea/Korea)Boo Soo Ma (KAIST/Korea)Keon-Soo Jang (ETRI/Korea)
10:25-10:45O2-3 Excellence of Laser Assisted Bonding Process Compare to Mass Reflow Process in terms of Bonding Quality on Advanced SemiconductO2-6 Effects of Current Densities on the Intermetallic Compounds Evolution of Cu/Ni/Sn-Ag Microbumps for 3D IC Chip StackingO2-9 A study on rate-dependent mechanical transfer of synthesized multilayer graphene considering crack deflection effect
TaeHo Yoon (Amkor Technology Korea/Korea)Kirak Son (Andong National University/Korea)Sumin Kang (KAIST/Korea)
10:45-11:00Coffee break
Session chairA. N. Other
11:00-11:50Plenary Talk2 : TBA / Reinhold H. Dauskardt (Stanford University/USA)
11:50-12:20General MeetingIAAC 2017
Session chairA. N. Other
13:30-14:10Keynote Talk4 : Scaling Effects on Reliability of Through-Silicon Vias in Microelectronic Packaging / Jang-hi Im (The University of Texas, Austin/USA)
14:10-14:50Keynote Talk5 : In-situ Microscopy Studies on Microelectronic Materials and Devices / Aman Haque (Penn State University/USA)
14:50-15:10Coffee break
Session chairSuck Won Hong (Pusan National University/Korea)Yong Ho Ko (KITECH/Korea)Kwang-Seong Choi (ETRI/Korea)
Topic3D Printing and Novel Process for ElectronicsSoldering and Surface Mount TechnologyElectronic Materials and Processing II
15:10-15:35 (Invited) I2-4  In-situ UV LED Curing for 3D Printing in Microelectronics(Invited) I2-6 Impurity incorporation in the electroplated Cu film and its effects on the solder joint reactions(Invited) I2-8 Surface and Interface Engineering of Nanocrystals for Electronic Device Applications
Ricky Lee (HKUST/Hong Kong)Chih-Ming Chen (National Chung Hsing University/Taiwan)Soong Ju Oh (Korea University/Korea)
15:35-16:00(Invited) I2-5 3D Printed Internet-of-things (IoT) Devices(Invited) I2-7  A New Electronics Manufacturing Paradigm; High Volume/High Mix!(Invited) I2-9 Low Temperature Interconnect Fabrication using Nano/Submicron Metallic Particles and the Devices
Woo Soo Kim (Simon Fraser University/Canada)Charles E. Bauer (TechLead Corp./USA)Jenn-Ming SONG (National Chung Hsing University/Taiwan)
16:00-16:20O2-10 Novel Hermetic SMD-Compatible Packaging Concept for UV-C LEDs with Enhanced Light Extraction O2-12 Effect of Nanoparticle Addition on the Microstructure, Solderability and Tensile Characteristics of SAC AlloyO2-14 Three-dimensional InxGa1-xN/GaN light-emitting crystals array based on nano/micro-architectured ZnO Templates
Ulli Hansen (MSG Lithoglas GmbH/Germany)Dohyun Jung (University of Seoul/Korea)Dong Won Yang (Hanyang University/Korea)
16:20 - 16:40O2-11 Effect of Si substrate thickness on electrical properties of p-channel SnO TFTO2-13 Change of solder bump surface on Ni/Au finish with solder volume and additive metalsO2-15 Activation temperature determination and comparison of sorption proprieties of multi-layered thin film non-evaporable getter fo
Seung Bum Cho (Seoul National University of Science and Technology/Korea)Young Woo Lee (MK Electron Co., Ltd./Korea)El-Mostafa Bourim (National Nanofab Center/Korea)
16:40-17:30Poster Presentaion Session 2
17:30-18:00Award Ceremony and Closing Remark


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